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The Multi-crete footing mix has been specifically designed for both domestic and commercial applications as an extremely durable foundation concrete.

Suitable for either single story or double story building work

“Multi-foot” can be produced on site at any slump required to suit your specific requirements. Strength range (8-12 Nm)

The Multi-crete slab mix has been designed for internal floor slabs.
Typical uses for this mix include kitchen and living room floors where there will be primarily foot traffic.

Suitable to be covered by floor screeds as well as carpet or most internal floor coverings this hard wearing mix is very popular. Strength range (15-20 Nm)

The Multi-crete Pav mix is our external floor slab mix.
Suitable for Driveways, garage slabs and shed bases this mix excels in outdoor applications.

Very durable and weatherproof this mix is our most versatile concrete mixing usability with a good asthetic finish. We also recommend the Multi-pav mix for concrete pumping and steel reinforced foundations. Strength range (30 – 36 Nm)

The Multi-Pav X mix is the strongest standard mix we produce.
Specifically designed for use in the most demanding of conditions

This mix is most commonly used for commercial applications, often in transport and farm yards or infrastructure road and rail works. Strength range (40-45 Nm)


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